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History and tradition have taught us the best in the art of welcoming you. Our history begins with this tiled mural. Let yourself be enchanted by the paradise between the romantic Serra de Sintra and the majestic Atlantic Ocean.
Come in and make yourself at home …


From our winter garden you can hear the magic and calm of the stream running while the fresh air takes over a relaxing break.
The perfect space to enjoy our champagne list or to catch up on your reading. Some of our regular customers have even finished their literary works in this space of unparalleled inspiration.
Sit back and relax …


Our pool has already been the stage for great events and unforgettable and invigorating moments, lost between smiles and the sound of the surrounding nature.
Cool off with fresh air and invigorating water and enjoy a break in one of the most peaceful places you have ever visited.
Dive in and relax …

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Feel at home with all the amenities that Quinta Casalinho da Azenha puts at your disposal. All of our suites are rigorously equipped with the comfort of an air conditioner or the minibar with varied choices.
Relax … you’re at home.

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«The rivers I find
go with me.
Rivers are of little water,
where the water is always on a string.
Cut in summer
that makes all rivers dry up.
Rivers all named
and that I hug like friends.
Some with people’s names,
others with animal names,
some with the name of a saint,
many with only a nickname.
But everyone like us
that I have seen here:
the people whose life
is interrupted when the rivers. »

João Cabral de Melo Neto

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